What our customers say:

Richard Otto

Founder XS2Content

If you are considering choosing LNGVTY, don't hesitate. Give it two months and see the difference for yourself.

Robert van Monsjou

If you're serious about healthy aging, LNGVTY is worth the investment. They combine interesting data and expert advice to help you get results .

Wouter Moonen

Founder Seels BV

The personal meeting to discuss my results was a crucial moment. If you are interested in your health, contact LNGVTY for a professional approach with a personal touch .

Milan Hoekmeijer

Founder Hoekmeijer Timmerwerken

I would definitely recommend LNGVTY. Although there were some minor communication issues, the overall experience and advice received was invaluable .

British Couple

Business coach for female founders

The nuances are important. Medical tests often give a 'pass' or 'fail' result, but LNGVTY's approach helps you see where you are just 'just passing' and where you can actually improve .

Marinus Boer


I have always been health conscious, but this service has taken my awareness to the next level. Now I have a complete overview of my health, from diet to routine changes .

Dennis Cook

Former Navy Special Forces Operator

While it's not a small investment, it's totally worth it for the detailed health insights. I would like to see a 6-month follow-up included in the package .