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Our mission is to help you live longer, stronger and better.

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Don't leave your well-being to chance. Join us for comprehensive, data-driven insights into your personal health that empower you to live your best life.

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Preventive Health Check for a Better Future

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Benefit from ongoing testing, progress checks and regular consultations with your advisors to fine-tune your wellness journey.

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What We Don't Do

At LNGVTY we want to be transparent about the scope of our services. Our focus is on providing actionable insights and expert guidance for your well-being, but there are specific aspects of health management that are beyond our expertise. Here's what we don't offer:

Medical Treatments


Diagnosis of Medical Conditions


Replacement of Primary Healthcare


Emergency care


Prescribe medication


Performing Invasive Procedures


Providing Mental Health Care


Take over regular checks


Our approach

Join us on the path to optimal well-being. That is how it works:



First choose your program or book a free introductory session with one of our specialized doctors to get acquainted.



We then draw up your personal program together with you, which consists of extensive tests that give you the insights you need.



Once your results are in, we offer one-on-one sessions – virtually or in person – to discuss the findings and determine the best approach to achieving maximum vitality.



We provide practical steps to seamlessly integrate our advice into your lifestyle.

What our customers say

Richard Otto

Founder XS2Content

“If you are considering choosing LNGVTY, don't hesitate. Try it for two months and see the difference for yourself.”

Lot Beukers

Founder Lotbeukers.nl

“The moment I received Alexander's comprehensive guidance was priceless. It is invaluable to receive such professional advice and feedback that you can actually act on.”

Wouter Moonen

Founder Seels BV

"The personal meeting to discuss my results was a crucial moment. If you are interested in your health, contact LNGVTY for a professional approach with a personal touch."

Dennis Cook

Former Navy Special Forces Operator

“While it is not a small investment, it is completely worth it for the detailed health insights. I would like to see a 6-month follow-up included in the package.”

Marinus Boer


“I have always been health conscious, but this service has taken my awareness to the next level. Now I have a complete overview of my health, from nutrition to changes in my routine.”

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About us

LNGVTY sees personal health not as a static status, but as a dynamic journey. Just like life itself. The trend line of your health status is crucial. Which direction do you want to go?