What We Don't Do

At LNGVTY we want to be transparent about the scope of our services. Our focus is on providing actionable insights and expert guidance for your well-being, but there are specific aspects of health management that are beyond our expertise. Here's what we don't offer:

  • Medical Treatments: We do not offer medical treatments. We provide insights based on biomarker analysis and provide lifestyle and supplement recommendations .

  • Diagnosis of Medical Conditions: We do not diagnose medical conditions. We identify areas to improve your health effectively and provide proactive advice. If you have any concerns or suspect that you may have medical conditions, we always recommend that you consult a healthcare provider .

  • Replacement of Primary Healthcare

  • Replacement of Primary Healthcare: We do not replace your primary healthcare provider. Our services complement the care you receive from your physician or healthcare team, and we do not seek in any way to replace or counter any existing or future medical treatment you receive.

  • Prescribe medication

  • Performing Invasive Procedures

  • Medical Treatments

  • Medical Treatments